Alien Queen, Turn 2

  1. Our Alien Queen starts this turn with a Personal Discard row and an active set with a single Excuse card.
  2. Her first action is to sweep the Personal Discard row into a Really Discarded Pile, next to the Draw Pile.
  3. In the third image she’s checking her hand — she has three red Necessities she wants to play, ideally with a red Activity. She discards her yellow Activity, giving her two opportunities to find a red one.
  1. There’s a 2 point red Activity in Pinhead’s Personal Discard pile, so Alien Queen takes a card from the Draw Pile. She gets a blue food Necessity.
  2. For her fifth card she takes the red Activity from Pinhead.
  3. She adds the red Activity to her set and the three red Necessities. She’s keeping the blue food Necessity, hoping that next turn she might find a red food instead.
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