Pinhead, Turn 1

  1. Pinhead started out with no Excuses. However, each of his opponents’ Personal Discard rows include Excuses, so he can get one easily.
  2. He decides to focus on two high value cards: the 3 point food Necessity, and the red/blue combination Activity. In the second picture, he’s placed the remaining cards in his Personal Discard row.
  3. Third picture: Pinhead has drawn a single card from the Draw Pile. It’s a 2 point, yellow shelter Necessity. He really wants a yellow Activity now! And guess what…
  1. In the next image we see that Pinhead has taken the 2 point Excuse and the yellow Activity from Rorschach’s Personal Discard row.
  2. Next, Pinhead has a great set started. He has a 2 point Excuse, as well as a 1 point yellow Activity that’ll double the points of his two yellow Necessities.
  3. The final picture shows the table at the end of everyone’s first turn. Each player has a set started, though Alien Queen only has an Excuse in hers. She and Pinhead both have Personal Discard piles that can be leveraged by the other players.
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