Alien Queen, Turn 1

  1. The Queen has two Excuses and an Activity of each color, but no Necessities. Rorschach’s Personal Discard row has no Necessities either, so it won’t get her any closer to a good set.
  2. She decides to discard the 1 point cards, leaving her with a 2 point Excuse and a 2 point yellow Activity. In the second picture, note she now has a Personal Discard row.
  3. In the third picture we see the Alien Queen has draw three red Necessities, and they’re all from separate categories — cash, shelter, and transportation. Too bad she discarded that red Activity.
  4. In the final picture, the Queen decides to start a set with her Excuse card, hoping to find a red Activity next turn to complement all those red Necessity cards.
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