Rorschach, Turn 5

  1. Rorschach surveys the table. He’s built some high-value sets, but he senses that Pinhead is closing in.
  2. He sweeps the card from his Personal Discard row into the Really Discarded pile, then draws five from the draw pile. (Remember, he can pull them one at a time and mix his Draw Pile draws with cards from Alien Queen’s Personal Discard row.)
  1. He’s drawn two more Necessities that he adds to his active set. Then, he declares “Back to Work-ish” to signal the end of the round.

    To declare “Back to Work-ish,” there must be three scoring sets in play (active or closed.)

    Since “Back to Work-ish” has been called, at the end of his turn Rorschach must put his remaining cards in his Personal Discard row. If he had a Necessity he could have played a new scoring set, however, with only Excuses and Activities the set isn’t scored, and he can’t deny the cards to the other players by making an incomplete set.
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