Rorschach, Turn 1

  1. Rorschach examines his cards. He’s got two 2 point Excuses, a red/blue/yellow Activity, a yellow Activity, and a yellow shelter Necessity. That “Laser Tag Championship” Activity is particularly valuable, because it’ll double the points of any color Necessity.
  2. In the second picture, Rorschach has discarded one Excuse and the solid yellow Activity to his Personal Discard row. Note that he’s placed these near the center of the table, where his opponents will be able to see them easily. He’s a good guy.
  3. Because this is the first turn, none of his opponents have Personal Discard rows. Rorschach simply draws two new cards from the Draw Pile. He gets a red cash Necessity, and a blue/yellow Activity.
  4. In the final picture, Rorschach has started a set. He plays his Excuse, adds the red/blue/yellow Activity, and adds both Necessities. His turn is over, with one card still in his hand.
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